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What should I do about my bad eyesight?

Q. I mean like I already have glasses and they are REALLY strong (or at least i think so) and my parents say that contacts aren't too good and I'm scared to get lazer eye surgery.( But I probably am going to eventually, like when i turn 18 or something, I'm twelve right now)
well, should I like eat more carrots or something? lol
IS there even anything that i CAN do?
lol this was a stupid question I just felt like asking something ;P

A. How To Improve Your Eyesight Without Glasses
A good number of us are not aware that rebuilding your vision naturally is possible. We've been told by authorities and individuals we rely on that the only answer to shortsightedness, is to either purchase specs or a LASIK surgery.
But this is truly erroneous. I have naturally rebuilt my vision and I know there's a natural choice. Before I descent into the particulars of how I accomplished it, let me first enlighten you why this is such a top secret.
I am certain you would like to find out why you've in no way been told of natural vision improvement. You see, the optics industry is worth multi-billion dollars. For it to cave in is overwhelming to individuals in it. Therefore it is normal for them to defend their livelihood.
I believe whether or not rebuilding your vision naturally works or not, is for you to come to a decision. The least you must recognize is that there's an option.
Afterall, if it as fruitless as those individuals allege it is, why are they hiding it from you?
Now for the mystery of natural vision improvement. Be prepared for a fundamental mind shift...
Effort doesn't assist you to see clearly. If you struggled to see, your vision declines. Vision must be natural, just like all of your other senses.
Have you ever struggled to feel, taste, hear or smell? No. Even if you did, you are not capable of it.
Vision is the most critical sense for us humans. It assists us to stay alive a very long time ago and so nature has created us with the capability to direct them.
For example, when predators are close at hand, you have the capability to keep your eyes wide open for peril. You don't blink for a prolonged period of time.
But in the present day, folks abuse these capabilities. They keep their eyes wide open watching tv. They dare one another who blinks first (the person with the poorer eyesight ordinarily wins). And so on and so forth.
And when we keep performing these detrimental activities, they are converted into a habit. They are converted into our subconscious. And while our vision deteriorates, we buy ourselves specs.
Specs assists us to see by adjusting the way light rays fall upon our eyes. It does not amend the principal difficulty - your eyes.
Accordingly, to rebuild your vision you have to pick up the correct vision habits. In my rebuild your vision blog, I'll reveal to you how to do that. Do not procrastinate - get to it right now.
By: Andre Thomas..
Article Directory:
Katie Chan is the owner of cure myopia Naturally blog where she shares information on good vision habits, eye exercises and supplements she used to get rid of her glasses after having worn them for more than 15 years.

How can I improve my vision without having laser surgery?
Q. People have told me that eating carrots and having green tea makes your eyes stronger, but what else can I do? I have horrible eyesight.

A. You can probably try eye exercises. I am presently trying eye exercises to see if they improve my vision. I created a blog so that people can follow my progress. Check it out at

I think that there has been a little improvement... not certain though. I intend to go to the optician next week to find out.

What are some simple meals to make this week that are freezable?
Q. Dad is having shoulder surgery on monday and we need some recipes that are freezable so that they are easy to re-heat for dinners.

A. We are now doing the following for easy and fast cooking - microwave and etc:

1. At your grocery store, buy the sealed PRE-COOKED meats that come is small packages such as the following. You can make two or three meals out of them (or you can freeze the meals too):

Beef tips with gravy,
Roast with gravy,
Pork roast,
Baked ham,
Pork chops,

Just heat in your microwave; directions are on the packages. You will find these packages in the cold section (not the freezer). Ask a clerk to help you find these. They are delicious.

Use these for your meat dish with a side dish or two of canned or frozen vegetables, beans, potatoes or sweet potatoes which can all be found on shelves or in the freezer section and they are already cooked.
You can now buy bags of different flavors of precooked rice that you put into your microwave for a minute or two. These are on shelves at the grocery store. We like the chicken flavored best of all. Have a clerk help you find them.
Real mashed potatoes that come in a bag...add water, butter, milk. Delicious. Read the directions.
Jars of all types of sauces for making pastas. On shelves.
Boxes of pastas with everything needed inside the boxes. On shelves.
Buy top brand cans of stew for each person. Serve with cornbread, crackers, or toast.
Soup and a grilled (fried) cheese sandwiches. Go to this video to see how to make a quick grilled cheese sandwich:
Omelet with Cheese - Video:
You can buy all types of salad greens in large packages now. Buy the ones that have been pre-washed. Add your own dressing which you can buy in bottles.
2. The top brands of microwave frozen dinners are very good now. These come in single servings or in family sized bags. Follow directions. Look for the words "No Preservatives" marked on the box or package.
Just add a canned or frozen vegetable as a side dish.

Top brands of dinners that are found on shelves. No fridge needed. Add water, microwave. These are good to take to school or work. Follow directions on the containers.
3. Video On How To Cook A Rib Eye Steak on Stove Burner (turn on your sound), click this link:
4. Supermarket deli's have pre roasted chickens, fried chickens, roast beef, and side dishes. You can stop in on the way home and grab a quick dinner to take home. I buy their roasted chicken often...they are delicious.
5. Buy a crock pot. You put everything into the pot in the morning, set it on low for 8 hours, and your dinner will be ready for you when you come home in the evening! I kid you not. Be sure to read the instruction booklet.
There is a recipe booklet that comes with the crock pot. You can buy crock pots at places such as your grocery store and department stores.

Here are 1,160 crock pot recipes:

DON'T FORGET TO PLUG IT IN! This happens more than you would think. lol

6. Salads. All types:

7. Twenty three Snacks for watching TV movies and Football games:

8. Microwave baked potatoes (I do all mine this way and they never fail):
Wash potato,
Do not pierce,
Wrap tightly in plastic wrap...make sure the ends are closed,
Cook on high for about 7 to 8 minutes in the microwave,
Squeeze middle of potato to see if it is soft for eating, if not cook on high for another minute (use protection for your fingers when you squeeze the potato, they are hot-hot-hot).
We like to put salt, pepper, butter, sour cream on ours. Yum!
You can do this for baked sweet potatoes too.
(for recipes to cook from scratch: )

How can i Improve my eyesight naturally?
Q. My vision is 5.0 and im getting sick of contacts and glasses and all of that, My friend told me his grandma had a vision of 5.25 and improved her eyesight naturally without laswer surgery. How is this possible, if so how can i do that and where can i find books on this? PLEASE HELP!

A. You can try doing exercises to improve your vision. I recently started doing eye exercises to try to improve my vision. I created a blog where I record my progress with the exercises.

My vision is 20/400, which is really poor.

I recently saw some improvement. Other people (who have also experienced improvements) have posted comments about their experiences as well. You can check it out at:

Hope this helps...

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