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have you taken zanax before a surgery under local anesthesia? how did it make you feel? were your thoroughly?

Q. sedated? did you remember the surgery?
this is what the doctor prescribed but they usually downplay things so you dont run away

A. Most likely, the Xanax will take the edge off so you're not so nervous. You will probably remember some things (maybe everything), but everyone is different.

I had Ativan (similar to Xanax) before my Lasik surgery, and I remember everything. I was calm and relaxed, though, and I HATE people messing with my eyes!

Just don't do what one of my patients did. She took 3 Xanax before her surgery and could barely walk into the office. She took forever to wake up after her anesthesia, and doesn't remember anything from the whole day. And she's a NURSE. Sigh.

You'll do fine. The local injection will burn, but only for a few seconds, and then you'll feel that something is going on, but it won't hurt. I've had a few surgeries under local with no sedation.

lasik or laser eye surgery for asians?
Q. is getting laser or lasik surgery a good idea for small eyes? i'm chinese i have very bad eye sight and small eyes.
how old do i have to be to get this surgery?

*my eyes blink so much that it is difficult to get contacts in and out, it would take hours. so i just wear thick glasses=(
can my eyes get worst after the surgery?
what are the chances of blindness?

A. I am caucasian, but have small eyes and high cheek bones. I went to one of the best Lasik doctors in the U.S. and had a bad experience, just two days ago. Now, I can see nothing with my right eye -- everything is a total blur. But, it is supposed to improve within a week or two.

The Lasik failed. I was given no anesthesia, just Xanax and Valium, which turned-out to be totally inadequate in my case. The procedure was unbearably painful.

Because my eyes are small, the doctor had to use more force and pressure to open my eyes wide enough for the procedure. I have a high pain tolerance and breezed through lens replacement surgery before this (which is a much bigger deal than Lasik). But, the pain on my eyebrow bone and cheek bone was so bad, that my eye involuntarily started squeezing very hard against the force around my eye and was popping out the device. I was also panicking a bit because they said the discomfort would only be for a very short period, but in fact was much longer because of their repeated attempts at the procedure.

The doctor tried suction 3 times and managed to make some laser incisions. But, the doctor confirmed all that resulted was essentially ZERO for vision improvement. He also admitted that my eye was "beat up" (doctor's exact words) in the process. Well, there is no doubt about that because my eye is swollen, sore and everything is a complete blur (I can't even read the largest letters on an eye chart).

Thank God the doctor refused to work on the left eye after the problems with the right eye. I would be essentially blind in both eyes right now if he had tried.

The doctor recommended PRK instead. But, that does not appeal to me because the procedure has more risk of human error, takes longer to recover from and takes much longer for the vision improvements to materialize.

I am thinking that I will suggest to the doctor that we try Lasik again, BUT..., I need a strong pain killer like percoset or morphine ahead of time (the doctor said anesthesia won't work for bones). The Xanax and Valium were a joke.

I simply had no idea this could happen and was just extremely disappointed. I am hoping the vision in my right eye returns quickly as it heals from being "beat up." The pain during the procedure was just intolerable.

am i allergic to hydrocodone?
Q. In January i had surgery and i took about 35 hydrocodone pills for pain. I got some more for my broken leg and want to know if i could have devolped an allergy. I have horrible anxiety about allergic reactions.
I had an allergic reaction to xanax (figures because that's all that will help me with anxiety) but could i have an allergy now that i didn't have back in January?

A. It's not likely to develop an allergy that fast and it is not the same medication as xanax and if you did not have a problem with it before you should be o.k. now.Stop breaking things and you won't need pain killers.and as far as anxiety,you don't need pills for that just close your eyes and say,"I am calm,I am cool,I am in complete control." "God grant me the serenity to accept the things I can not change,The courage to change the things that I can and the wisdom to know the difference."And breath deep.Nothing is ever as bad as it seems but when you're already down and someone tells you you need pills to feel better look up and believe that it is not medicine just a cover up.Good luck and feel better.I know it was more than you asked for but I think you needed it to know there are more than one ways to tackle anxiety.God Bless you.

has anyone been given xanax before surgery to calm your nerves?
Q. how does it make you feel?
relaxed? more nervious?
a good feeling? bad feeling?
cuz i may be given it when i have surgery in the near future and it seems like when ever i get somehting to help me relax it seems to make my feel like really dizzy and i want to puke.
i've never had xanax before so i like to know your opinions.
funny you should say you got it for cataract surgery cuz thats what i'm having. lol.
i've had eye problems since birth. i've had a dettached retina 2 times in my left eye and then just this feb i had one in my right eye and then again in march it dettached and all of that has made my not too bad of a cataract in my right eye become extremely bad. and i've got to do somehting about it.

A. I don't take XanaX regularly, but I can't even walk into a dentist's office without it. I also had 2 surgeries to remove cataracts on each eye. The first surgery, I was relaxed enough and all went well. By the time the 2nd surgery came around, I had worked myself into a state. I took my usual Xanax and it didn't do much. The nurse said, "I"m going to put something in your IV to make you RELAX."
Next thing I knew, I was back in the recovery room.
that's the best way to go.
Anyhow, you want to know how it works. You don't really know you've taken anything. It just puts certain fear brain cells asleep and you don't feel drugged,
or dizzy, or sleepy or anything. You just are not afraid anymore.

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