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What are the pros and cons of getting laser-eye surgery?

Q. I'm currently in high school, and I've been recently prescribed glasses after figuring out that I was nearsighted. Although my eyesight isn't completely horrible (I only need my glasses when I need to read something across the room), I don't want to be completely dependent on my specs every time I copy something down from the board in school or read a distant sign. I also sometimes forget them when I go to school, which disables me from copying down the notes that I need to study for next class's exam. Thus, causing me to bother other people to copy their notes. I even sometimes miss out on the spectacular events or spectacles that my family and friends come across, which I am unable to enjoy with full definition all because I don't have my glasses with me. As a result, I have considered getting laser eye-surgery when I become an adult. However, I've heard many draw backs in getting laser-eye surgery. My mother told me that laser-eye surgery won't be the same 20-20 vision that I had when I was younger. Furthermore, I heard that you can't be a pilot if you've had laser eye surgery and that there's a high risk of going blind during the operation. I also would like to know if there's any longterm adverse effects after getting laser-eye surgery. So if you happen to know anything bad or good about laser-eye surgery, please feel free to tell me about them, especially if you've had laser-eye surgery yourself.
I also feel nerdy wearing them

A. It seems that your problem isn't your eyesight; it's your lack of responsibility. It's not that difficult to carry around your glasses in a case, you know.
Here's a recent article discussing the drawbacks to LASIK surgery:

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