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How much does lasik eye surgery cost?

Q. I live in Central Florida. If you live in Orlando thats great. Tell me, But if you dont tell me anyway. How much did it cost you or how much was the price range.
Thank you.

A. From $490 to $1,500 per eye. The cost will vary depending on multiple factors such as your prescription, if you have astigmatism, etc.

How much is Lasik eye surgery in Jacksonville Florida, or Orlando, Florida, or Long Island NY?
Q. I am in Daytona Beach. they want a little over 5 grand. I can get to Jacksonville or Orlando easy. I could also get to NY and stay with friends. $5000 is moronic!!

A. Hello, I am a representative from LasikPlus hoping to provide you an answer to your question.

The price of laser correction vision surgery varies significantly by provider, type of procedure to be performed, and equipment used. WebMD estimates that typical costs for LASIK are in the range of $2,200-$2,250 per eye. While these one-time figures may seem high , it�s important to keep in mind that laser vision correction procedures are intended to achieve permanent vision correction. If you consider the cost of glasses or contact lenses over time, these numbers compare quite favorably.

LasikPlus has centers in both Jacksonville and Orlando, Florida. If you want to check out our doctors and locations page,, you can see the exact locations and learn about the doctors. Your decision about where you will have your LASIK procedure is as important as your decision whether or not to have laser vision correction. Your surgeon should have extensive experience performing the procedure he or she is recommending for you, as well as an excellent track record of success.

While this is some of the general information I can provide on the topic, every person�s eyes are different. In order to learn more about laser eye surgery and have all of your questions answered, I would recommend coming in to the center most convenient for you to take advantage of a free consultation. This appointment will also help you determine which procedure, if any, would be right for you. Feel free to visit or call 1 (866) 953-0282. I hope this information was helpful, thank you for taking the time to research LASIK!

Is there lasik eye surgery for teens?
Q. I hate wearing glasses, cant get contacts and looking for Laser/ lasik eye surgery in orlando florida, im 13, PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE help me!!!!! thanks in advance ;)

A. At the age of 13 your eyes are growing. They are going to continue to grow through your teens and beyond. It would be a very bad idea to get LASIK (even in the unlikely event that you found someone who would perform the surgery). You would spend thousands of dollars on LASIK today and a year from now you will probably need glasses again. Surgeons usually require that your prescriptions has stabilized for a few years before offering corrective surgery.

Contact lenses are your best bet right now.

lasik eye surgery Filutowski in Orlando, Fl?
Q. Anyone had the lasik eye surgery done at the Filutowski Eye Center in Orlando, Fl. What did you pay?

A. Quality is more important than price when looking to have surgery on your eyes. Go to the clinic for an initial evaluation and ask questions like how many surgeries do you perform weekly? How current is your technology (they are coming out with better and better lasers all the time)? What does the surgeon consider "successful" 20/20, 20/15, 20/40? It may be different than what you expect. Do they charge for touch up surgeries if the intial powers are off? Do they use Interlase or a microkeratome for the intial incision (Interlase is a laser, whereas, a microkeratome is a metal blade with chance for more complications)? Do they do custom LASIK? etc?

Get a feel for your surgeon, ask good questions and go with your gut. It's your eyes, so feel like you are making the best decision. Also make sure they explain the risks and complications thoroughly so you are 100% informed.

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