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Who does great lasik eye surgery in Michigan?

lasik eye surgery in michigan
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Sunny McBu

What about TLC?

I don't know where in Michigan you are, but you could look into Clark Eye Center in Brighton. Dr. Clark has been doing corrective surgery for 20+ years. He is very nice, understanding, and helpful. His entire office staff is fantastic. Good luck!

Do I have to meet a Lasik Surgeon in person?


To find out if Lasik can even be performed on my eyes, find out a price, and general questions do I have to meet someone in person? Reason is the closes doctor near me is 150miles away, I live in Upper Michigan, and i want to set it up without having to travel. Excluding the actual surgery.

You really don't have to meet the surgeon. All you need to do is be an acceptable patient during the consultation phase. That is where they will say yes, no or maybe. I was a maybe case. They let the surgeon decide whether they would operate on me. Sadly, he couldn't because I had a vein that went directly into my retina.

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