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Would Lasik Eye Surgery Fix My Night Blindness?

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i am a candidate for the surgery, my current eye sight is 20/400, this is pretty accurate how i see without glasses/contacts - but anyways, i'd really like to drive at night or even walk down a semi-dark hallway without bumping into something.

i have heard it was caused by a deficiency of vitamin A but i eat plenty of dairy, squash and carrots. i also take vitamins every morning.

LASIK shaves a little off your cornea to help sharpen vision... but it's not likely to improve night blindness.

You need to see an Ophthalmologist (NOT an Optometrist) to diagnose your problem and recommend treatment. It could be something going on with your retina, pupils, etc... who knows... but get that fixed first before considering LASIK.

Also, if you do the LASIK surgery, DO NOT go to a LASIK mill (like LASIK PLUS, TLC, EYE INSTITUTE). These places just want your money... do your research, talk to friends, and go to a really, really good doctor with thousands of procedures and extremely low complication rates.

LASIK is ONLY safe when done by a good doctor. Done by the wrong doctor or on the wrong person are the most likely cases for vision loss or serious complications.

Advise about my eyes?



I need some advise for my eyes.I would be very glad if someone could help me.Right now I'm quite tensed about them and not sure what to do.

First of all, I'm now 20 and will be 21 on August 2011,I'm suffering from Myopia. My current eye prescription is SPH(R)= - 4.75, CYL(R)= - 3.00, AXIS(R)= 20 and SPH(L)= -5.00, CYL(L)= -1.75, AXIS(L)= 170.I had it checked yesterday.

My previous prescription was made on August 2008 with the following: SPH(R)= - 3.75, CYL(R)= - 3.75, AXIS(R)= 20 and SPH(L)= - 3.50, CYL(L)= -1.75, AXIS(L)= 170.

My nearsighted eyes were first detected on April 2006 when I had the following prescription: SPH(R)= - 2.00, CYL(R)= - 2.00, AXIS(R)= 10 and SPH(L)= - 2.25, CYL(L)= -1.25, AXIS(L)= 170.

Now my questions are-
1.Will my vision stabilize anytime soon?
2.Can get Lasik eye surgery?

Please note: I'm an extreme PC user.I spent almost over 8 hours in front of my Laptop (in the weekends even more).Is this a cause of the increase of my eye power? I'm a software programmer and kinda have no choice but to look at the PC screen.

Feel free to share your experience if it's allowed by the community guidelines.
Thanks everyone.

1) Yes, it is likely that your vision will stabilize in the next 5 or so years - inherited progressive myopia (which is what presents during your teens unless you have some sort of other eye disease) generally does. I know it's frustrating that you have to wait for this, and it used to annoy the heck out of me because the eye dr started telling me "your eyes should start stabilizing" every year after 17 or 18 and they didn't (I am 24 now). But it is totally normal for them to continue to progress into your early/mid twenties.

2) It sounds like, based on your prescription level, that you'd be a good candidate *eventually*. Moderate myopia, moderate astigmatism. However, you really do have to wait until your eyes stabilize for at least a year. No reputable doctor would do it at your age if they hadn't, and you will get better results if you wait. LASIK is so common now that people act like it's no big deal - it IS a big deal. It's surgery that has significant risks (which are often not made clear enough by doctors performing it) and your eyesight is not something you want to mess around with.

3) (Computer use) Honestly, that's still up for debate (the studies go both says). IMO, strong computer use can cause eye strain and doesn't HELP any, but based on when your eyes got bad and how they've progressed, I think it's far more likely that you're dealing with old-fashioned inherited progressive myopia. As a general good practice, I'd take frequent eye rests when you're coding and make sure your screen brightness and resolution are set to a level that you aren't have to squint or strain to see.

It sounds like it would be a good idea for you to schedule a follow-up with your eye doctor to discuss what option you have and when s/he thinks you'll be eligible. Since you were just in for a visit, s/he may be willing to do this over the phone too.

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