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What happens when you get lasik eye surgery?

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Like what do they do? Do they put a lazer up to your eye or what? What happens if you blink during the process? What if you move your head? I need answers!

I had Lasik 5 yrs ago. They put numbing drops in your eye first, then when they are working you lay down under the laser machine and they place a clamp on you eye to keep it open, it looks like a reverse eye lash curler. Then the Dr. cuts a flap on the cornea and lays it back, next he tells you to look at the red blinking light- this is when the laser starts its job and makes small incisions to let more refractive light into your eye. It takes from 30-60 seconds depending on your correction. Last the Dr. replaces the flap, queeges the flap flat so it reattaches, and WHOLA, you have 20/20. I did have to go back a year later because one eye needed a enhancement.
After care you go home sleep for 4 hrs, they want your eyes closed to start to heal. you wear protective shields in the shower and when you sleep for 10 days. Eye drops and lubrication daily for a couple of weeks. It was the best money I ever spent. Had glasses from child hood.

Are there any known LASIK specialists who can guarantee better than perfect vision?


I am 19 and very nearsighted. I have been told that I am a candidate for LASIK but I am hoping to get information on the best types as well as the best place to get it done at. I know I have high hopes but I'm wanting to get 20/15 - 20/10 preferably the best possible.

Anyone going into LASIK surgery expecting perfect vision (20/20) as a result should not have the surgery. Although LASIK is very good, no guarantee can be made as to visual acuity after surgery with the exception that it will improve vision. There is a chance that you will still require corrective lenses.

Do your homework and a lot of study and research including asking optometrists in the area who they would recommend for LASIK surgery. Remember, if you go cheap, the chances are you will get cheap and the consequences of after effects which could last a lifetime are too great to take a chance.

We send our patients to the Bochner Eye Institute in Toronto, even though we're located in Pennsylvania. We consider them to be some of the best surgeons around.

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