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What kind of bank account do I need to get money for eye surgery?

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I do have medical insurance but i want to save it for a more essential reason. I want to get money to get lasik/laser eye surgery. I'm 16 right now and I'm hoping to get enough money for it somewhere between 18-21. I heard it cost about $500-2000 per eye.

You don't need to "save your insurance" for other types of medical treatment unless you have limitations on coverage or benefits. Sometimes Laser eye surgery is covered, other times it is considered cosmetic surgery and not covered by private health insurance. Anyway, only a surgeon can tell you how much it will cost for your treatment. They do only one eye at a time and yes, it can be over $2,000 each eye. The bank lends money as a loan (personal loan) to their customers who have enough salary to cover the repayments and a good credit rating. No bank lends to people under 18 or who don't have jobs to pay back the loan. With interest, paying off your loan for say $5,000 over 2 years would be around $1,200 extra in interest (ie $6,200 total). I know people who have had the surgery to correct their vision, some have been very happy with the results, one wasn't as the surgery sort of didn't work our properly and they still need to wear glasses for one eye.

Am I eligable to get Lasik eye surgery?

Kyle Brown

I am 16 right now and wanted to get lasik eye surgery because I am planning on enlisting at 18 and then try to get into the army SF which requires 20/20 vision, so, the question is can I get it now or do I have to wait til I am 18?

The problem with getting this done too young is, they can only correct the level of vision defect that is present at the time you have it done so, if your vision continues to get worse afterwards, you would either have to have the procedure re-done or get glasses again. Usually, your vision does not stabilize until you are about 21 and they usually like to see no change in prescription for at least a year preferably 2, so it usually winds up being in your early 20's before you can have it done. You also might want to check with the recruiter as the SF might not allow somebody in if they have had the procedure (sometimes they have weird regulations etc).

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