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What happens when you get lasik eye surgery?

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Like what do they do? Do they put a lazer up to your eye or what? What happens if you blink during the process? What if you move your head? I need answers!

I had Lasik 5 yrs ago. They put numbing drops in your eye first, then when they are working you lay down under the laser machine and they place a clamp on you eye to keep it open, it looks like a reverse eye lash curler. Then the Dr. cuts a flap on the cornea and lays it back, next he tells you to look at the red blinking light- this is when the laser starts its job and makes small incisions to let more refractive light into your eye. It takes from 30-60 seconds depending on your correction. Last the Dr. replaces the flap, queeges the flap flat so it reattaches, and WHOLA, you have 20/20. I did have to go back a year later because one eye needed a enhancement.
After care you go home sleep for 4 hrs, they want your eyes closed to start to heal. you wear protective shields in the shower and when you sleep for 10 days. Eye drops and lubrication daily for a couple of weeks. It was the best money I ever spent. Had glasses from child hood.

How risky eye surgery is?


I am planning of getting a job that requires perfect vision (now I am 15 years old, my vision is around 20/60) . So option is to get eye surgery when I will be 19-22 years old. But I want to know the risks of such a surgery.

Lasik is dangerous. They remove tissue and then shoot a laser to your cornea which has UV light. Even if you see after the surgery, Your vision can get worse as you get older. Some people have a bad procedure and their eyes are destroyed. Here is a link to a website that warns of how the Lasik industry is hiding long term risks.

Your vision is 20/60 like mine was. If you tried to do eye exercises you could improve eyesight. Try to google the bates method. Or eye exercises. Google palming eye exercise and palm for a couple of minutes each day or as long as you want. I was able to improve my eyesight and get an unrestricted driver's liscence which means I can legally drive without glasses. Try to reduce the amount of time you wear your glasses and only wear them when needed. You could also wear a weaker prescription and adjust to needing less prescription. Wear your old glasses if you know what I mean.

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