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What is the best lasik eye surgery to get?

Q. When it comes to things like this I am pretty ignorant. I hear that there are two new methods out there for lasik eye surgery. Can I please get some feedback in regards to which procedure is the best and why! Thanks!

A. There are many different kinds of LASIK. It really depends on your preference. The normal LASIK uses a blade to cut a "flap" in your cornea where another LASIK procedure is done by laser to cut the "flap". There is also laser procedures that can be done if your cornea is not thick enough to have LASIK and that is called PRK and still people may not be able to have this. The best thing to do is to schedule a free consultation with an eye doctor that does Laser Surgeries and find out if you are a candidate for them. Many people find out they aren't candidates for any laser surgeries anyways. Hope this helps!!

Is it worth paying more for Lasik eye surgery?
Q. I see various prices for Lasik eye surgery. Is it worth paying more for Lasik eye surgery? Or is it a pretty straightforward procedure now and there is no reason to pay more for the procedure. Like to hear from anyone who got Lasik and what they felt about it.

A. There are a couple of different procedures depending on the condition of your eyes. Both me and my wife have had the surgery and I can tell you it is well worth the price. I suggest you shop around and compare prices. The difference is going to be in the services you get after the surgery. Good Luck!!!

Does having lasik eye surgery disqualify you from the military?
Q. My eye sight isn't very good and I can have lasik eye surgery to correct it. However, I want to join the military. Would my eyes disqualify from joining Marines or any special operations units? Thanks.

A. Many branches of the US military now allow laser vision correction surgery, however which type of surgery and which branch of the service are the key questions.

In 2007 the US Navy approved Bladeless Lasik for Top Gun fighter pilots. NASA has approved Lasik. There are a few special divisions that restrict Lasik, but will allow Photorefractive Keratectomy (PRK), a slightly different Lasik-like procedure.

You need to investigate the specific branch of the military that would be your goal. Speak with a recruiter about current laser vision correction limitations for that particular service. Also, the military will commonly provide Lasik for its personnel.


how old are you supposed to be to have lasik eye surgery?
Q. I am 15 yrs. Im turning 16 this september and i want lasik eye surgery.But i don't know if theres a age for it.

A. I had Lasik eye surgery done after wearing glasses for 16 years. It has been perfect for me. I have had no changes. Of course, as I age, I expect changes. I also co-manage refractive surgery and have seen hundreds of successful patients. It doesn't hurt, generally. There is a bit of pressure, but no real pain if you have LASIK. The PRK version (where no flap is cut) is a little more uncomfortable for the first few days following the procedure. I've seen several people who said they were in some pain, but healed just fine. I used to wear both glasses and contact lenses. I had LASIK done and it's the best decision I've ever made. I can see clearly, no squinting, no driving with glasses anymore. I can read road signs, see the individual leaves in the trees (they're not just a blurry mess anymore). It's also nice to be able to see what time it is when I wake up. The procedure is painless (although a bit uncomfortable) but takes less than 15 minutes. Highly recommended.

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