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Lasik question and prescription?

lasik eye surgery and 3d movies
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I am considering lasik surgery. My current eyeglass prescription is:

OD -13.25 CYL +1.50 AXIS 103
OS -12.75 CYL +1.50 AXIS 073

Of course that is really powerful. The dr said they would be able to correct about 90% of my vision, and bring me down to about a
-2.00 in each eye.

My question is, anyone out there with prescriptions in the -2.00 nearsighted range, how well can you see without your glasses? I have never experienced vision this good without glasses, so I am just wondering if I will be able to see fairly well without my new glasses on after the surgery.

2D myopia is certainly an improvement from where you are now, yet there is still noticable blur. At this level, glasses or contact lenses would be required for driving, watching a football game, etc. This is also almost the level that most people start to wear glasses or contacts full-time rather than "only to drive or watch a movie."

Even if LASIK cannot correct you fully, reducing or eliminating the astigmatism (the "+1.50 AXIS xxx" portion of your prescription) and lowering your prescription in general will open up more contact lens options. The change in distortion going between glasses and contacts is also much more tolerable at this level.

Some options to help you experience this sort of vision:

1) A decent simulator that may help with your decision:

2) Your doctor should also be able to show you what being -2D undercorrected looks like through the phoroptor or trial lenses.

3) Do you have an old pair of glasses laying around with a prescription close to one of these (they are equivalent)?
OD -11.25 +1.50 x 103
OS -10.75 +1.50 x 073
OD -9.75 -1.50 x 013
OS -9.25 -1.50 x 163
Wearing some old glasses with this prescription would give a good indication.

4) If you wear contacts, get some +2.00 reading glasses from the drugstore.

Of course, none of this addresses any other complications from surgery. You may also experience halos or ghosting that would worsen your best-corrected visual acuity from what you currently experience with glasses. Or, the result could come in less than a -2D target and be more like -3D.

Personally, if the doctor couldn't target < -1D with LASIK and I had good vision with glasses, I would not proceed. Possibly consider interocular lens (IOL) implants as an alternative.

Eye doctor & professionals only pls?

In project

Is this a lazy eye or something else?

My lids do not droop, The Left eye only "turns inward" when I am tired. It feels as though it I don't use that eye other then for peripheral vision. If I cover my right eye everything shifts. I can indeed watch 3D movies without an issue. I wear glasses/contacts with no problem and I do have a astigmatism in that eye. Also when I look to the left my right eye shuts down for the most part.

Pictures included to illustrate my problem. I really want to get this fixed. I plan to have lasik surgery at some point and was wondering if I should try to fix both problems at the same time. When I was a kid the eye doctor told my father that the problem was so slight no doctor would touch me in fear of causing the lazy eye to turn outward.... Do I have any hope or am I stuck with this problem. Will a patch help me now that I am 23 and done growing? Is it in fact a lazy eye?

Serious answers only please, preferably by a doctor. Thank you
I guess I have a slight case of Esotropia
(From the research I have done)
I can see clearly with glasses and with contacts in both eyes. My right eye (the one that doesn't turn in) is my dominant eye. The left eye (the one that turns in when I am tired) seems to be more of a peripheral vision eye... unless I cover my right eye. The picture where one eye turns upwards is when I look to the left dramatically. This causes the right eye to some what "turns off" so to speak.

Lazy eye is not turned eye or droopy lid, it is poor vision even with glasses. Does the eye turn when you are wearing your glasses? Often esotropia is due to being farsighted and it will disappear when you are wearing your glasses. The pictures were you without glasses and you do appear to have a small angle esotropia.

If you can see see depth when watching 3D movies, then you do not have significant lazy eye or significant eye turn. If the eye is nearly straight when wearing glasses then surgery should not be done as there is significant risk that surgery will make things worse. If the vision in the right eye is not good even with glasses, then you do have a lazy eye and although you could have LASIK on the right eye, you absolutely should not have LASIK on the left eye and no surgeon will do it.

If you are suitable for LASIK. you cannot have both LASIK and eye turn surgery done at the some time. They will have to be done on separate occasions.

You really need to have an assessment by a strabismus surgeon to determine whether surgery will help or not. Your regular eye doctor can refer to a surgeon; he/she can also tell you whether you have esotropia or lazy eye. It is impossible to tell if you have esotropia or lazy eye without personally examining your eyes.

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